• 2012 138 minutes

      Gangster /Timetravel

      The recession affects everyone even Gangsters, especially when they try to go straight…
      The Charles gang didn't want to be bent anymore; they were running a legitimate operation. If it wasn't for the recession and their ever decreasing tenuous grasp of legitimate business operations, they would have kept their noses clean. Life in the East London underbelly isn't as easy as it used to be and without the timely discovery of a time machine it may all have gone a bit pear shaped. A unique device which has an essential property enabling the holder to travel back in short spaces of time to correct terrible situations.
      Their unwitting discovery plunges the gang into a world of time-travelling assassins and limitless possibilities. COOLIO, the directorial debut of Paul Cahalane brilliantly delivers a fresh slant on the Cockney Gangster flick, using understated British wit to make this most fantastical story gloriously convincing.
      Coolio is marshaled by a diverse and colorful cast of characters including Mr Darwin; a bruiser with a high IQ and high pain threshold, married 3 times with the same amount of divorces (I told you he had a high pain threshold) Mr Windsor; the sinister misogynistic King of the Charles Gang, Angelika Sergeevna Alliluyeva, a time travelling assassin and Mr Dickens; second in command of the Charles Gang and inveterate bully.
      With an equally illuminating supporting cast of Nazi Scientists, Blind Hit Men, Stately Gangstresses and the Almighty himself, you've wanted to see this film since your Dad was carrying you around in his underpants.
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