Cup Cake

2010, 90 minutes

a romantic comedy

A 23 year old man, who lives in a world of robots, gadgets and bad cakes discovers the importance of keeping a promise to his family and following his heart. 'P.J.' inherits his family's bakery following the disappearance of his parents, trouble is he's not quite a natural baker, his interests primarily being the robots and contraptions he builds. His shocking baking and business skills lead the shop into decline. Not wanting to break the promise he made to his mum and dad, with the help of his group of slightly dysfunctional friends and his foreign love interest 'Gala', he manages to revive 'Cup Cake' and throw it back to its former glory. The reformation story does not go without the odd dodgy spray tan (Marie Jones' tan is nothing short of brilliant), thanks to the town's local heavies, along with some insane robotic dancing and a couple of weddings varying in scale and colour. Cupcake will remind you what it is to love as well as opening your eyes to a whole new world of fashion victims.

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Robert Kane
John Duffy
Mickey Mason
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