2021, 90 minutes

Old school psychological horror.

5 years on from the INFAMOUS tragedy on Ezekiel Twain's (James Ashton) smash hit sequel to "Cry" leading to the 'accidental' death of the lead actor Carlton Gunn (James Lock). Twain finally has his film green-lit again, after what seemed a CURSED chalice, from private investors. Once the camera begins to roll, TRAGEDY strikes again, this time it is not so 'accidental' with all the cast and crew at the remote studio being suspects. Known only as the HASHTAG KILLER. Karma is a bitch.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Sam Lockwood
Julia Quayle
Daniel J. Manners
Stills Photographer
1st Assistant Director
Tyler Lawton-Bryant
Boom Operator
Sound Mixer
Harry Boxley
Ohio Cruz
Georgia Brown
Makeup Artist (SFX)
Make-up Artist/ SFX Artist