Dark Country

    • 2012 30 minutes

      Vengeance is Coming

      Missouri, 1865. The Civil War may be over, but for some, the violent divide between North and South still rages on.

      After a southern stranger and his wife are attacked in their home by a gang of ex-Union soldiers, a vehement quest for retribution is ignited.

      Two years later, the former soldiers are ruling over a small town in Indian Territory, where their ruthless leader reigns as the local marshall. But when a mysterious outsider suddenly rides into town, the men soon realize they're all being hunted, one by one, by the same southern stranger they had once watched die.

      Directed by Rick Roberts (SEE IT THROUGH, FROM THIS DAY), DARK COUNTRY is a gritty, action-packed ride through a dark and lawless Wild West.

      For a look at the trailer, follow this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VvmmgFImqP0

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