2016, 240 minutes

Largest film set in Europe with 12000 sq. meters

Based on the biography of the Nobel prize winner Leo Landau. It is a symbolic large scale story rather than biopic. The movie is dedicated to questions of choice, freedom, power and the power of circumstances.

Connected mandy members:

Nikola Medic
Sound Editor
Dialogue Editor
Bruno Osif
Camera Operator
Zoe Knibbs
Art Director (Assistant)
Mukharam Kabulova
Editor (Assistant)
Assistant editor
Thomas Beale
Sound Mixer
Assistant Sound Editor
Steve Bond
Sound Designer
Sound designer/re-recording mixer
Assistant Editor
Davide Defendi
Sound Designer
Assistant sound editor / Foley editor/mixer
Lorenzo Piani
Sound Editor
Foley Editor, Foley Mixer
Tansy Huws
Belgin Kaplan
Luca Prestini
VFX Artist
Panos Chountoulidis
Sound Designer
Sound designer - Sound editor
Marianna Perianova
Art Director (Assistant)
Prop Artist
Portrait sculptor
Neale Ross
Sound Editor
Foley Mixer / Sound Editor
Maksym Poda
Visual Effects Artist
VFX Artist
Madeleine Cuckson
Office Manager
Office Manager
Isabel Nellie Walters
Costume Supervisor
Props Technician for Hyper realistic Silicone Figures & Costume