Delicous Love

  • 2018 9 minutes

    A lonesome young fizz pop shop owner is re-acquainted with a long lost love, who is set to be married in a few days. He devises a plan to create the worlds finest love potion. Unknowingly, his work however, takes a dark turn with unforeseen consequences.

    Billy Tuesday, a handsome, yet isolated orphan who cannot seem to connect with anyone, finds hope when the love of his life, Winnie Ryder, helps him to come out of his shell. However, his happiness is short lived as she is soon adopted leaving Billy behind. Years pass and Billy now lives a simple yet empty life running his own fizz pop shop, however, the reappearance of Winnie, once again sparks a flame of hope in his soul. Unfortunately, he quickly realises she is engaged and will be wed in a few days. He becomes obsessed with setting on getting back together with her and will stop at nothing. After many failed attempts, his search through a seemingly magical process of creating the world’s finest love potion, takes a deadly turn when he is devoured by his long-lost love.

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