2015, 90 minutes

Love story. Third film in the trilogy.

Amidst the dreaming spires of a British university, an international composer struggles to deserve his reputation and seal his career with a modern Requiem, only to find it raises more ghosts and more strife than it lays to rest.

Connected mandy members:

Nikki (Singer/Dancer)
Background - member of church congregation.
Rushil Choudhary
Camera Assistant
Gaffer's Best Boy
Kayleigh Turner
Production Assistant
Script Supervisor
Kerrie Ahern
Art Director (Assistant)
Supervising Design Assistant
Amy Whitby-Baker
Stage Manager
Crowd Wrangler
Linda Haysman
Costume Designer
Costume Designer
Anna / Ukulele Player
Jay Kandoria
AD (1st)
Wardrobe Assistant
Lottie Garland
Costume Designer
Wardrobe Assistant
Bal Sound
Sound Designer
Sound Designer
Stand-by Props/ Props Assistant