Devil's Playground

2010, 92 minutes

Zombie Movie

DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND details the plight of the last remnants of a civilization destroyed by an all-out zombie armageddon, following the misguided experiments of a presumed-dead Nobel Prize-winning virologist. In a bid for survival, a group of survivors seek safe haven on a coastal British island, where they hole up in a gas station. Joining them is Cole, a man Sothcott describes as having “little or no conscience, who was made to survive in a world such as this, and who is after someone or something. He will stop at nothing until he succeeds in his mission.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Eduardo Rodrigalvarez
Location Manager
Zack Lyon
John-Paul Frazer
Production Designer
Construction Co-ordinator
Alison Matthews
AD (1st)
First Assistant Director
Jimmi Harris
Prop Maker
Assistant Art Director
Fred Bloggs
Construction Manager
construction manager
Chris Smith
Zombie (credited on IMDB as one of the Infected)
The Infected