• 2016 120 minutes

    Brit Action Thriller Drama Romance

    John Venonesser is a former UK Secret Services Agent, commended many times for his bravery for spearheading the most classified and threatening undercover operations against terrorist organisations the UK has ever seen. During his active years, Venonesser had not only saved thousands of civilian lives, but also many lives of his own squad.

    In 2010, he was dishonourably discharged from the Service for disobeying a direct order from Downing Street. He stands by the decision he made on that day, but for him, the Secret Service was his life and once that was taken away, he was left with nothing. In the 5 years since being discharged, Venonesser has become a recluse, living a life of fast food and trash TV.

    He has no family and no real friends outside the Secret Service, except Janine, a local working girl who he adores and looks after as much as she will allow. He constantly tries to get her away from the dangerous business she chooses to undertake.

    Unbeknown to Venonesser, Janine and several of her working friends have mistakenly become involved with an extremely vicious mob renowned for drugs, human trafficking, slavery and forced prostitution. Their worst nightmares suddenly become reality.

    This unforeseen turn of events draws Venonesser out of retirement and into a very dark arena. Using his many skills, and battling with his poor fitness levels, he will stop at nothing to get Janine back.

    Companies involved in this production

    • Holbeach Film company

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Alternative Names

  • Dishonoured (18)