2017, 15 minutes

A short heartwarming drama about a man who was registered missing for 20 years, finding his son

'Displaced' centres around John, a wayward soul, who, due to complications in his life has ended up living rough on the streets of London. Picked up by the authorities after being badly attacked one evening, John is revealed to have been registered as a missing person for the last 20 years. After making the difficult decision to make contact with his only son, Nick, can the two work out their issues after he walked out on him when he was 10? They soon realise they may have more in common than they first realised.

Connected mandy members:

Claudia Merlini
Ian Broadfoot
Rachel Williams (Police Constable)
Maria Young
Office Worker
Joe Kidd
Writer, Director & Associate Producer
Young Woman
Terence Yoon
Director of Photography
2nd AC