• 2009 30 minutes

      Short Low-budget film.

      Don stars Timothy Bentinck, best known for being in The Archers on BBC Radio for many years, but also a well-known TV actor starring in such successful comedies like 'The Thick of It'. Don tells the story of a Toy Manufacturer who goes from one disaster to another. He has big ideas, but ends up selling his poorly made plastic toys on the side of the road. He has an ever suffering side-kick Maria whose English is very poor and is treated like an unpaid servant by him. She does all his washing and carries his heavy golf clubs up and down the very steep hills of the local Golf Club. However in the end his business associates and everyone else leaves him except for Maria. Maria is really like Manuel of 'Fawlty Towers'. Maria is played by Rosemary Smith who is best known for playing Benny's Girlfriend inj 'Crossroads' and Brenda Blethyn's cousin Janet in the very successful Sit-com 'Chance In A Million' which also starred Simon Callow.

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