Drinking Chocolate

2010, 90 minutes

Drinking Chocolate is a story of friendship, trust and dreams

Drinking Chocolate is a story of friendship, trust and dreams. Set in the homeless community of London, we follow the lives of Lola and Johnny, as they share secrets, dreams and Drinking Chocolate. Johnny has a dark past that he keeps hidden from the world and enjoys being a loner, with nobody but himself to think of, until his life in interrupted by Lola. Lola is just 15 and dreams of better things. She causes Johnny to change the way he lives his life and gradually a friendship starts to happen. Are Johnny's motives completely honest towards to this schoolgirl, or does this middle-aged man simply have a caring side we have not yet seen. Is Lola another hopeless dreamer, or will she pull herself from the gutters she has caused home for so long now. Nothing is certain when you live a homeless life.

Connected mandy members:

Kaitlin Howard
Fight Co-Ordinator
Fight Co-ordinator
Dan Mullins
Homeless Man