• 2015 87 minutes

      Twenty-two year old Daryl Pearson is on a road to nowhere in search of his father with unthinkable consequences along the way.

      Twenty-two year old Daryl Pearson is on a road to nowhere. He lives in Coventry with his eccentric Grand mother, Eve, who moved there in the mid 1970’s, ever since she tried to track Bernard Manning down to try and kill him, she’s always hated him. They live in a run down part of town and enjoy their life together despite being poor and Daryl’s drinking problem. This is exacerbated by the fact that Daryl works in a shop that sells booze and vinyl records. Even in the freezing cold and snow he will stagger about blind drunk. So, far he has not frozen to death.

      His love affair with the local drug dealer, Roland, has gone sour. He is pushed out on the street by Roland and told to clear off for good.

      Daryl and Eve’s lives are thrown into turmoil when a large cardboard box arrives with stuff belonging to Nicole Ami, Felina, Daryl’s mother, who has just died of cancer in Stockholm. The box contains, papers, a few books and a number of vinyl records by a singer from the 1980‘s called Adam Right.

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