Electric man

    • 2010 90 minutes

      A super hero comedy caper!


      Jazz and Wolf run a comic shop in need of a miracle. The landlord and his extremely angry dog have come knocking and they need to get their hands on £5,000 in a hurry, so when they find themselves in possession of the rarest comic on the planet, Electric Man Issue One, it seems like the miracle they’ve been waiting for. And then the shop gets busy…

      Meet Jimmy, a Glaswegian heavy. He's killed once to get his hands on the £100,000 Electric Man comic. He might just kill again.

      Meet Lauren, smart, beautiful, and just a little mysterious. She could be the woman of Jazz’s dreams – except for her unhealthy interest in a certain comic.

      Meet Edison Bolt, an American collector so obsessed with Electric Man he changed his name to match his mild-mannered alter ego. Edison will stop at nothing to complete his collection – and he’s got a secret weapon.

      Meet Victoria, Wolf’s ex-girlfriend. She’s got a short fuse, some big expectations, and she’s running out of patience.

      And that's before Electric Man himself turns up...

      To save their livelihoods and their love lives Jazz and Wolf have to outsmart, outrun and outwit them all. That's when they find out heroes don't always wear lycra...

      Along the way, Jazz and Wolf meet comic book fans, sarcastic policemen, suspicious shop owners and several innocent bystanders.

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