Enchanting Rupert

2013, 25 minutes

A romantic film about how important it is to accept oneself, how little appearances matter in the end and about how true love very often is closer than we think.

set in modern day London and seasoned with a pinch of comedy, Enchanting Rupert tells the story of an average young man given the chance to re-invent himself with the help of a little bit of magic. Rupert, a shy and rather average looking guy, is offered a magic potion that just might get him the girl of his dreams, Cindy. But although the potion does transform Rupert into the handsome man he always wanted to be the magic spell only holds till the first ray of light of the next day. Can Rupert convince the beautiful Cindy to stay? he does not have much time and, as Rupert soon discovers, things always look different in the morning.

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Markus A.Ljungberg
Director of Photography
Hollie McArthur
Art Dept Assistant
Art Department Assistant
Javier Santos
Darren Crisp
Production Manager
1st AD
Ewan Mulligan
Director of Photography
Director of Photography
Beauty 1
Stuart Bell
Production Assistant
George Weightman
Voice Over: English
Yoga Student
CJ Boucher
Matthew Avis
Sound Engineer
ADR Recordist