Escaping the Light

    • 2010 5 minutes

      Chased through the woods, can Sarah and Anna escape the spheres made of light? A metaphorical film for a meritocracy society.

      *Contains Spoilers* When Sarah is running away from her unseen pursuer she is saved by a passing stranger (Anna) as the danger passes they quickly make friends and set out on a journey to leave the giant forest. As they journey they reflect on their childhood dreams, their hopes for the future, and the irony of fate and destiny.
      Their pursuer however is not far behind and soon begins the chase, the girls get split up, resulting in Sarah watching helpless as her friend is consumed by a floating, glowing Sphere of light. The Spheres of the forest however are not going to let Sarah morn her friend and she has to run, once more alone. As she runs blindly through the forest she stumbles upon a clearing there, as she looks in desperation, the Spheres are gathering. She turns to run once more when she stops, looks back and decides not to run.
      Instead she races towards the Spheres, towards her fate, and is consumed by their light. Once consumed however she is not destroyed as she had feared, though everything is bathed in an ethereal light, instead she is stronger.
      Sarah and Anna run together through the woodlands, their lack of care apparent in their joy of the landscape.

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