First Kill Last Kill

2014, 1 minutes

Patrick Mackay murders

Commissioned as a six part series after the success of the Stockwell Strangler, with the help of leading experts, Prof. Wilson will examine this first kill in frighteningly forensic detail to get deep inside the mind of serial killers. He will walk in the murderers footsteps to understand how an unhinged member of society transforms into a violent and brutal slayer of innocent victims. What did they learn from their first kill and how did they apply it to their next? Then using the first and last kill to drive the narrative he'll forensically examine how our subject evolved from first time murderer to sophisticated serial killer throughout their killing spree, before pulling apart the details of the last grizzly slaying that led to their capture and subsequent demise. What was it about this last kill that led to their undoing? By comparing the first and last kill we'll bring fascinating and intelligent new insight into the life and mind of some of Britain's most notorious killers.

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