For The Children

  • 2016 15 minutes

    Short film about charity abuse

    For the Children is a psychological drama that follows Julia, a joyful and seemingly trustworthy woman who runs a charity organisation to help children.

    That is until she is accused of using the charity's money to her own benefit.

    Without enough evidence, Julia is released, but the doubt remains. And it threatens to endanger everything Julia has accomplished so far.

    Unable to run the charity by herself, Julia seeks the help of her former co-worker (Shannon), but convincing Shannon that she's innocent won't be an easy task and can end up doing more harm than good.

    It's essentially a story about what commonly good people are capable of doing to protect what is dear to them. Forget right and wrong, good and evil.

    We all know how those can be relative concepts...

    Companies involved in this production

    • Redwulf Films

Connected Mandy Cast Members

Alternative Names

  • For the Childeren