Forget Me Not

    • 2017 10 minutes

      An emotive fantastical tale where a mysterious, lost little girl strikes up an unexpected friendship with a forlorn homeless man, in the hope of bringing peace to her family in time for Christmas.

      For me, Forget Me Not is fundamentally a tale about hope prevailing over despair. I think the central message that, ‘through helping others we ultimately help ourselves’, is a strong and beautiful one that holds true not just in the story, but in life as well.

      Within the story, there are two main themes to be explored, both linked to our behaviour towards others. The first is how hope and love can comfort those who have and are lost; the second, linked to it, is how, in a world full of apparent contradictions, it is a matter of perspective whether we see the positive or the negative.

      Just as the apparently ugly setting of a concrete and steel filled traffic gyratory and flyover can look beautiful, so are the principal characters, isolated in their own worlds, able to reach out and find unexpected salvation through each other.

      In exploring these links, I want to create a lyrical, beautiful film, taking time to establish our mise-en-scene and introducing our characters as very much a part of the fabric of the world. The script’s power, with little exposition and minimal dialogue, comes from our empathy with the principal characters and their emotional needs, and this is tied to the world they are in.

      To achieve her goal, the girl must give the homeless man renewed hope in life. In doing so she not only brings comfort to her family, but also finds her own peace. The story ties up all the loose ends in one swoop, neatly ending the story and emphatically declaring the universal truth of the central message.

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