Forgiving Your P.E Teacher

2010, 10 minutes

A story about the desire for revenge; about how hard it is to forgive

Wrapped up against the chill morning, a young woman walks purposefully down a country lane. Pensive, she passes the gravestones of the village churchyard; looking for one, newly dug, grave in particular. She finds it, looks down at it with contempt, “Wanker!”. Suzi takes a packet of cigarettes out of her battered handbag, pulls one out, puts it back, then puts them back in her bag. She turns to walk off but hesitates. She hasn’t finished what she came here for yet. Trembling, she gets the cigarettes out again, tries to open the packet but drops them. Irritated, she bends down to pick them up. Suddenly, a man is at her shoulder and she jumps in fright. He’s tall, dark, handsome… and apologetic about scaring her. It’s tense though, standing looking at this grave with a stranger. It’s the grave of her old P.E. teacher from school, she meekly admits. She needs to talk about it, to tell someone what happened that day 15 years ago when he totally humiliated her; a day she’s never really got over. The stranger listens as she pours it all out, charming and disarming her, encouraging her. But what can she do about it now? Her tormentor is dead and buried.

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