Homo Geminus

    • 2011 29 minutes

      A film about troubled couple

      Maria is polish, she lives in London for 10years now. She was abused by her father – that was the reason why she's left the country after her twin sister Magdalena death, when she was 20. She carries the guilt for her's expiration.
      She meets Guy – former party animal, metro sexual womanizer. They're trying to establish a relationship, although the past of both characters is an obstacle. Maria is not sure about Guy's faithfulness, and before she marries him decides to test him. Maria brings him about to meet her alter ego Magdalena - dead sister who was seductive femme fatal. Maria continues Magdalena's life during nights. Guy discovers that Maria and Magdalena is the same person, and he goes into this fascinating game – as he sees it. For Maria his behavior proofs his betrayal. It leads to a tragedy...........

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