In Me

  • 2011 80 minutes

    IN ME is a darkly humorous modern day Greek tragedy.

    The story is an honest expose of two mens search for self-acceptance, which sees scenes of friendship and sexual exploration.

    James (Harry McQueen credits include Me and Orson Wells, The Dark Room and Accidental Hero) and Gary (Andrei Alen in the new Oliver Parker film, Johnny English Reborn) have a lot in common.

    They've both lost everything they thought mattered and they're hurting. James has lost his sense of identity and all faith in reality since going bankrupt, while Gary is still trying to make sense of his parents brutal murder and rebuild his life after a sickening assault.

    But just as the pair appear to be spiraling out of control, a chance meeting brings them together and they discover their newfound perspective is more liberating than either could have imagined. Before they can move on from the painful decisions of the past, however, they need to make a few more about their future. And these ones are going to kill.

    IN ME Is accompanied by original soundtrack.

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Alternative Names

  • Manwhole
  • Are Men