In This Style

2011, 15 minutes

The darkest, most Daily Mail-bothering version of Alice in Wonderland yet.

It's 2010 and visiting her Nan and Grandad at their Victorian mansion, Alice is suddenly hit with a barrage of terrifying daydreams of other Alice's being killed off within their own imaginations, all by a horrific-looking Mad Hatter. Why is this happening? How is a supposedly fictional character making others suffer? And what part will our protagonist have to play in this story?

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Jon Campling
Lewis Caroll/Mad Hatter
Rebecca Sellors
Costume Designer
Costume designer/ Maker
Rebecca Sellors
Costume Maker
Costume designer/ Maker
Steve Dolton
Tweedle Dum/Dee
Awards Ceremony Host