Inappropriate Behaviour

2017, 12 minutes

One dysfunctional sales team. One outbound leadership course. One whole lot of trouble brewing.

Arrogant boss-from-hell Colin takes his sales team on an outbound leadership course. But ignoring the instructor's advice, he nearly gets them all drowned in a canoeing accident. Lost in the wilderness, they must find their way back to the activity centre or risk passing the night exposed to the elements. Colin is outraged when his PA Mandy lets slip that two of his staff, Keith and Melissa, are having an office affair. Alone together, Melissa tells Keith she's dumping him, but when she twists her ankle, unlikely hero Keith has to save her. Finally it's Mandy, the most junior in the team, who has the wherewithal to get them rescued. INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR is about relationships at work, relationships that don't work, and relationships that should never have occurred in the first place.

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