Just like A Woman

2017, 15 minutes

The film is a psychological horror.

The film's been in pre-production for nearly two months, with 4 drafts of the script being done before the final 5th draft was completed. We're creating this film for a unit on our course called "Genre and Adaption" where we had to take a fable, and update it to contemporary times withing a genre, this is our reason for creating the film. Our original fable was Pandora's Box, from which we extrapolated the following story - After recently divorcing her mentally and physically abusive now ex-husband, Sally is attempting to return to her ordinary life. However, her past continues to haunt her, resulting in a conflict between two parts of her personality. One part desperate to move on and try and forget her past, and the other too damaged to even consider moving on. After a night out with her good friend, Donna, Sally realises on her way home, she's being followed. Upon confrontation, she's realises that it's her ex-husband, Leland. During their clash of interest, Leland endures a head injury. The division in Sally's personality is amplified by the decision she has to make: does she save him and get the gratification of being the better person, or does she leave him and get the satisfaction of allowing him to die?

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