• 2010 90 minutes

      K fights his way up through the ranks of organised crime

      French-Algerian brothers, K (Amokrane Kiane Sabet) and Osanne (Matthew Wade), arrive in London for a heist; but unknown to them, their employer has been murdered and they walk into a trap. The brothers are attacked and, whilst escaping, Osanne is arrested.

      Separated from his brother for the first time in his life, K finds work as hired muscle for Turkish mobster, Tarik (Hassani Shapie). Impressed by the young man's fighting prowess, Tarik takes K under his wing and encourages him to develop both physically and mentally. Assisted by Tarik's daughter, Selina (Michelle MaCerlean), K flourishes among his new found 'family'.

      But behind the scenes, trouble is brewing. A powerful opponent will stop at nothing to locate K. K's friends are beaten and interrogated, his brother is murdered in prison and K's new world is infiltrated. Vaughn (Colin Salmon), a jealous rival, conspires with K's enemies and implicates K in a plot to murder the head of the Turkish family. In the ensuing battle, K loses everything.

      K must regain Tarik's trust, Selina's love and clear his name. In the process, he comes face to face with his mysterious adversary and uncovers the first clue to a five-hundred-year-old secret.

      K is victorious, but it's a hollow victory. Who is the real mastermind behind it all? Why is he after K? And what is the connection between K's long dead parents and a 16th century Turkish pirate? K leaves London for mainland Europe, in pursuit of his brother's murderer and the past he never knew...

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