Life Goes On

  • 2009 110 minutes

    Contemporary Anglo-Asian take on King Lear Story.

    Stormglass Productions UK has launched its first feature film entitled LIFE GOES ON. An English language family drama, the film centres on the experiences of the Indian diaspora in Britain. The production showcases an exciting ensemble cast including a galaxy of Indian talent- Om Puri, Sharmila Tagore, Girish Karnad and Bollywood star Soha Ali Khan.

    Written and directed by Sangeeta Datta, the film is a freewheeling adaptation of the King Lear fable, a gripping emotional drama of generational conflict set in contemporary London. The British cast includes Rez Kempton, Misha Crosby, newcomer Neerja Naik, Mukulika Banerjee, Stef Patten and Chris Hatherall. Intensive auditions and actors workshops were held in March-April before filming commenced on 8 May.

    The intensive four week UK schedule from May to June 2OO9, wrapped a day before planned. The 4O member unit was mainly based in an independent mansion in Iver Heath, Bucks. Locations were spread across central London (Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Camden Town, Victoria) and key sequences filmed in Hamsptead Heath, Southgate and Hendon. SG Films UK, handled the line and executive production.

    LIFE GOES ON has generated considerable media interest in Britain and India. DOP Robert Shacklady has created stunning visuals on the RED camera. For many in the British unit, it was a first time experience with a multicultural story and a star spangled Indian cast. The unit consisted of many young film and media students, runners and observers who all claim it has been a great learning experience for them.

    Legendary Bollywood script writer and song writer Javed Akhtar is script consultant and lyricist of LIFE GOES ON. For the first time in film music history, Tagore songs have been translated in Hindi to the original tunes written by Rabindranath Tagore. Javed Akhtar has also written the lyrics for an original composition by Soumik Datta. Javed Akhtar is known for his collaboration with A.R. Rahman and Shankar Mahadevan. Soumik is the youngest composer with whom he has worked.

    The music of LIFE GOES ON is creating an amazing buzz as it reflects the soundscape of contemporary London. Young composer Soumik Datta has drawn from classical orchestra, jazz and blues, Bangla folk, Turkish strains, French rap, to classical poetry of Tagore and Rumi to create a rich and vibrant soundtrack. Soumik has been hailed as a child prodigy as a solo classical Indian musician. He is a core memer of the amazingly popular jazz band SAMAY whose first CD has been sold out in a few months. Soumik is learning composition at Trinity College of Music.

    A short schedule is planned in India in which the partition era and communal violence will be reconstructed. LIFE GOES ON will be travelling the international festival circuit before a commercial release. “The Lear parable is relevant in any age, in any part of the world. My protagonist learns to rid himself of prejudice and move ahead in life. Its this process of self examination which is needed today. And the belief that love transcends all barriers. It’s a small, independent film which has an international appeal. The festival route is the most suitable way forward” says writer-director Sangeeta Datta.

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