Losing Innocence

    • 2011 90 minutes

      When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out.

      When life forces 3 people to face the bleak and disturbing facts of their own existence alone, events unfold taking them to the very edge of human behavior, chasing redemption, salvation, forgiveness and lost innocence.

      Having been sexually abused from a very young age by her father, Laura becomes embroiled in a life as a prostitute and a heroin addict.

      She meets Elliot through an online social networking site and the two decide to meet but all is not as it seems with Elliot and he quickly loses his grip on reality when Laura begins reminding him of his dead daughter.
      A perverse bond gradually grows between the two, with Elliot seeing Laura as a replacement for the relationship he shared with his daughter and Laura in turn seeing a new father figure in Elliot.
      Together they try to outrun their pasts and start again but leaving their lives behind isn't as easy as they hoped.

      Jacob is just coming to terms with the breakdown of his relationship after a tragic stillbirth, when in a cruel twist of fate, his 14 year old sister dies in childbirth.
      It all proves too much for him and when his niece is murdered by her father he sets out, with the aid of his best friend and police detective Adam, to track down those responsible and serve his own brand of justice.

      Crossing across the country, Losing innocence explores what makes people who they are and examines the downward spiral some people are unfortunate enough to call their lives.

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