Love Is Not Enough

2017, 110 minutes

Love Is Not Enough is a compelling romantic drama

I.T. Consultant, Eli Gold, is indeed too good to be true – kind, patient, gentle, faithful –The perfect fit for Jennifer’s stereotype – perfect before the wedding, horrible after. As much as her heart wants to, she cannot say ‘yes’ to his marriage proposal – not with the scar of her parent’s abruptly truncated marriage entrenched in her heart; But she cannot say ‘no’ either for fear of losing him. Just about harassed into submission by her talkative friend, Claire Monoghan, and tempted by the seeming marital bliss of her newlywed friend, Zoe Scott-Jones, Jennifer decides to give Eli a chance, but not before testing his love for her. She tries every trick she can find to test Eli – from ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ movie to internet blogs, magazines – the full works! Eli passes them all. Just as she is about to give in, she stumbles into rough-edged, but handsomely-built-six-packed persistent Gordon Wilson, a gym instructor that has been trying to get her attention to no avail. He is the perfect final test for Eli! Her final test backfires when she starts falling for Gordon’s strong advances and is soon drawn back to a rather disturbing past she had hidden from everyone else and thought she had left behind when she became a Christian but now threatens any future with Eli.

Connected mandy members:

Eli (Lead)
Zellia John
Leading actress
Sarah Lott
Camera Assistant
Director of Photography