Love Tales

2010, 80 minutes

7 lives all connected by the central theme of love and loss

There is always hope. The stories are of love in seven different dimensions of a fast changing, modern life in the melting pot of big cities. Everyone cares about their loved ones and they are often confused and lost by their loved one. They try to redefine their feelings and adapt to new situations as they occur. First Story: A loving girl loses her boyfriend in a car/cycle accident resulting in her visiting a psychotherapist at the same time as her boyfriend's killer visit.. Second Story: A mum with an unemployed French boyfriend whose relationship affected by their financial situation. Debt Collector is keep coming and finally they seize her goods. Third Story: A black girl falls in love with a white English guy and becomes pregnant. Then the guy disappears for 10 years and then turns up again. Fourth Story: A husband comes home from work to find his wife is missing and discovers that she has left home. Fifth Story: A Nigerian man is looking for his runaway girlfriend in London and he finds her working at a brothel. Sixth Story: An illiterate Kurdish boy tries to find his love and place in the world. Seventh Story: This is a surprise story; the audience is left to work out the story and the link to the others. They are all part of one big story and they are strongly linked with each other. London 2010 ©

Connected mandy members:

Clare Eluka
Lead - Abiona
James Morris
Felix Schmilinsky
Idowu (Lead)
Andy Pandini
Debt Collector
Vito Hind
Debt Collector
Joanna Cichuta
Make-up Artist
key Hair&Makeup/Sfx artist
Menesh Patel
Ada Burke
Turkish woman