Lover of The Month

2021, 13 minutes

A Boys Love rom-com about a successful fictional writer at night who gets a job in advertising firm has to work with a problematic boss.

This rom-com tells the story of Alex (24), an energetic and resourceful, but naive and unfocused amateur writer, who spends his days wasting away at menial jobs to support endless nights working on his ludicrous romantic fiction, in which he mends the frustrations of his love life. Alex, on trial for a junior position at an advertising firm, finds his work life even more unbearable due to his new boss, Jonathan (33), a sworn workaholic and ruthless perfectionist. Jonathan sees Alex as an airheaded buffoon but is in love with his writing, which Alex posts on a blog under a pseudonym, without realising the author he admires so much is the same battered intern he spends his days with scolding. Things start to change: during their time working together, the two will need to learn to live with each other, until their relationship, as it grows stronger, evolves from respect to friendship, from friendship to intimacy and from intimacy to intense love.

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