Marty (Unplugged)

2010, 14 minutes

Short film about an ageing rockstar

Marty Floyd was a flash in the pan rock star. Plucked from a life of busking, he lost his beloved freedom for a shot at fame, a shot that was all too fleeting. 15 years on and Marty is alone, in a laconic state with only his dementia for company. He begins to hear music, the only thing that can awaken him, it brings him an energy and vigour he thought was lost forever.

Connected mandy members:

Keshini Ranasinghe
Wardrobe Assistant
Costume Assistant
Jeremy Hunt
Camera Trainee
Carla - Nurse
Jenny Rhodes
Make-up Artist
Make-up Designer
Sahil Maniktala
AD (1st)
Production Mananger
Edmund Curtis
Director of Photography
Director of Photography
Tibo Travers
AD (1st)
1st AD
Liquid Grooves
Sound Designer
Sound Editor
Magdalena Sadowska
Production Co-ordinator (Junior)
Production Co-ordinator