My Friend and Apple Pie

2021, 20 minutes

Alcohol, jealous looks, and well-hidden secrets lead Lana on an internal search for the truth about her closest friend, Emma.

At an intimate dinner party Lana becomes increasingly aware that something has changed about her closest friend, Emma. She isn't eating, her smile has faded, her light is gone. From drunken nights out, to movie-marathons in, quiet cafe dates and awkward introductions; Lana retraces moments in their past to understand why two childhood sisters could drift so far. After an explosive evening, Lana begins to suspect Emma's boyfriend might play a role. But by that point she's not sure what's true anymore. Told stylistically through interwoven images of past and present, My Friend and Apple Pie explores the unnerving feeling of watching someone else struggle. Over the course of the film we see Lana move through jealousy and concern to anger and despair, all to question how well she really knew her friend. This female driven text ends asking questions and starting a conversation about how we as a society deal with gender-based violence.

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