Nice Guy

    • 2012 90 minutes

      Family man David is drawn into the underworld after witnessing a murder

      A year after losing his job David sits in a state of inertia, he feels emasculated by his role of stay at home dad. His relationship to wife Hanna is on the rocks and the only thing he is certain of is his devotion to 3 year old son Ray.
      At night David escapes to 'The Men's Club': strippers, gangsters and violence, whilst Hanna concocts ways of getting David out of his depression and off the breadline.
      When David witnesses a brutal murder in the back room of the club, he is drawn into a world of violence that threatens his life and his family's safety.
      Perhaps too late he tries to cut ties and save what's left of his life and his marriage but when his son goes missing there are dramatic and unexpected consequences.

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