Night Is Day: The Movie

  • 2012 103 minutes

    Who is Jason Mackenzie?

    "Jason Mackenzie is a twenty-something Glaswegian who spends his days keeping his city safe, using the powers bestowed on him by a demon. Against a backdrop of vibrant nightlife, cultural wonder and the realities of urban existence, Jason has battled ancient demons and hooded cults, corrupt businessmen and ASBO teens, risking his safety and sacrificing his chances of genuine human connections.

    Jason Mackenzie has become a hidden hero; a rumour, an urban myth.

    DCI Charles Sloan is a veteran in the police force who knows the truth behind the whispered tales. He has had his own encounters with supernatural entities, demons and vampires, and knows first-hand the work of the ‘lightning vigilante’.

    Now there is a new danger in the city: the Caillech, an ancient creature portrayed in legend as wielding an unstoppable hammer, bent on wreaking havoc after centuries of exile. Teamed with a former adversary of Jason’s, whose phony contrition has many fooled, the Caillech is a formidable threat to the peace Jason struggles to maintain.

    In Night Is Day: The Movie, Jason must focus all his powers on discovering the Caillech’s intentions and defeating her before she decimates his city. He must ensure the safety of DCI Sloan and his team, who are determined to play their part in helping Jason despite the increased danger they face as mere humans. And he must find out what’s so important about Lena, a medical student he saved from a vicious attack, and who seems to have an uncanny connection with the Caillech."

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