Night Junkies

  • 2007 90 minutes

    Vampire Junkies

    Night Junkies is a dark, sexy, urban vampire thriller with an injection of Tarantino cool and ballistic action.

    Set in the winding streets and dark alleyways of riverside London, the story centres on an unusual couple, Ruby and Vincent. Ruby works as a lap dancer for an East-end outfit intent on promoting her as a call girl. Coming from a very dark past, Ruby has always had to battle the world. Vincent was 'turned' in a dark alleyway by a femme fatale, and after weeks of battling with his condition, he has now learnt to give in to his addiction: blood.

    Vincent and Ruby meet via a chance encounter in a London café and fall in love during one special night. Vincent goes against his heart and tries to feed on Ruby to satisfy his addiction. Ruby escapes, but has now been 'turned' and has also become an addict... a junkie... a vampire. Ruby, unsure of what is happening to her, returns to a remorseful Vincent who convinces her to stay and work things out. Together hey try to go 'cold turkey' on their blood addiction. Ruby's previous 'owners' want their star girl back and Matt (a contemporary Jack The Ripper) seeks her out.

    Matt eventually catches up with them, which makes for an explosive and deadly fight to the end...

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