No Smoke

2011, 70 minutes

Based on a true story, No Smoke tells the journey of a journalist whose world gets turned upside down after reporting a potential terrorist threat.

A woman shopper suspects an Asian film crew are terrorists, and tries to report them, but she soon becomes of interest to the police and Special Branch herself when she is found in possession of a large sum of money, and a plane ticket to Spain. She didn't know that if you have over £1000 on you and can't prove where it came from, the police can keep it without charging you. It's just the beginning of the slippery slope... 'No Smoke' is based on true story.

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Julia Eve
James Malamatinas
Focus Puller
1st Assistant Camera
Simon Hornett
Sound Recordist
Sound Recordist / Mixer
Tamara Gitter
Make-up Artist
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Sue Shearing