Nomad City Blues

2017, 15 minutes

Irish ex-Army man trying to save Pakistani origin English teenage to get radicalise.

Liam is a street performer who fought for the IRA during The Troubles and left his country many years ago. He lives in London under another identity, carrying the burden of the crimes he committed. His only friend Yusef, 16, the oldest son of a Pakistani family living next to him in a council estate, is spending a lot of time with men Liam has never seen before and who are manipulating him. Liam will break the routine of his lonely life trying to help the boy from going through a dreadful journey. He will face these men in the only way he knows. He won’t change his past but he will save the boy’s .

Connected mandy members:

Ryan McCarthy
Art Director
Art Director
Irene Giannettino
Graphics Designer
Graphic Designer
Supporting Actor
Eduardo Cortes
1st Assistant Director
Martha Luigujoe
Sound Recordist
Sound recordist
Jose Corts
AD (1st)
1st AD
Billy Clarke
Joseph / Liam
Adolfo Vico
Amir Rashidian
Line Producer
Kalvin Lobo
Yusef (lead role)