Non Compos Mentis / Insane

2012, 18 minutes

The cognitive and pathological aspects of fan's behaviorism in relation with TV celebrities.

'Non Compos Mentis' (2012) tells the story of a teenage girl, named Emma Bryan who fantasizes about having a relationship with the famous UK celebrity, John Tiller. The girl constructs a new internalized world for her and her idol, imagining an innocent love affair with the famous pop-singer. A radio show contest gives her the opportunity to meet the object of her fantasy in real life, but the dinner with John Tiller ends dramatically for Emma. The girl finds herself at the border between the two stances of her existence: the reality and her internalized obsession with John Tiller. Her choice at the end explains her need to carry on with her fantasy in her attempt to escape from the cruel reality.

Connected mandy members:

John Tiller
Ovidiu Paun
Aniruddha Pande
Editor/Colour Grader