On the Edge

On the Edge

2018, 16 minutes

A jilted man is about to kill himself when he is interrupted by a distressed woman who asks for his help.

John is about to end it all after breaking up with his girlfriend. He pulls up in his car and begins the process of asphyxiating himself when Joanne knocks on his window and begs for help saying she has broken down. At first John is reluctant to help but the woman is upset and insists. John follows her back to her car which has broken down. He gets her car started and she compliments him, making him feel better about himself. When he returns to his own vehicle he discovers Joanne's handbag which he searches through to discover a letter from an ex-lover which shows Joanne is in the same position as John. He is suddenly compelled to drive back and find her. Joanne meantime is contemplating her own demise.

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David Kline
Writer Producer Director Editor