2019, 20 minutes

Ora is a short family drama cantering on an isolated religious family as they deal with their father’s mysterious change.

Ora is set in an ambiguous future where a religious family is surviving in an isolated forest, cut off from the outer world. As the son grows older he leaves to join a camp and discover what is left of this mysterious planet while the farther is desperate to keep his daughter safe from the cruel wasteland. Suddenly a supernatural event occurs and in protecting his family the farther becomes possessed by an unknown threat. He awakes to a new body, one he does not recognise, and he forgets about religion and becomes a strangely loving farther. The family cannot cope with this different man and tensions rise in this gripping family drama.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Harrison White
Sound Engineer
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
Guy Trevellyan
Production Assistant
Andrea Buccelli
Harrison White
Sound Editor
Provided full audio post services. Personally worked as dialogue editor, score mixer, and dubbing mixer.
Anne Orvelin