• 2012 30 minutes

      New Short from Tribeca award winning Director David Leon. Starring Stephen Graham, Michael Smiley, Giacomo Mancini and Chris Fairbank.

      Orthodox is about an Orthodox Jewish man named Benjamin who alienated himself from his community by becoming a boxer. When his life took the wrong turn he ended up in prison and lost his wife and children in the process. Now he is out and desperate to be a part of his old home but reintegration is harder than he thought. He turns to his old boxing coach thinking there he has an ally, but a truth about the past emerges which means he is even more isolated than he once thought. Benjamin must make a choice which will effect not just his own future but the life of a young Jewish boy in who’s life he can relate and is determined not to allow history to repeat itself.

      Companies involved in this production

      • Zeit Geist Films/Feel Films

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