2016, 16 minutes

When Sheena invites Javed, her sister's ex for dinner, the mutual attraction is palpable. But can they escape the past that binds them?

When Sheena contacts Javed after many years of silence he cannot resist her invitation to dinner. At the restaurant, the tension between Javed and Sheena, his ex-girlfriend’s sister is palpable. Heavy drinking ensues. Sheena orders oysters and the night seems full of promise. But when Sheena rebuffs Javed’s advances, he is angered and confused and storms off. A chance meeting later that night on the last tube forces them to really face their mutual past and attraction to one another.

Connected mandy members:

Pratyusha Gupta
Pauline Yong
Restaurant extra
Joana Dias
Set Designer
Production Designer
Celestine Healy
Costume Designer
Costume Design