Palestine Lost

    • 2012 100 minutes

      What if the wall in Palestine was in London?

      The film is a feature-length documentary called 'Palestine Lost', and contains a considerable dramatised portion. 'Palestine Lost' tells the story of what it means to live under occupation - both in real-life Palestine, and in a fictional occupied London. Through real interviews and archive footage from the West Bank, Palestinians speak of their experiences living in occupied territories and having to flee their land during conflict. Interspersed through this real-life footage, is a dramatised element which tells the fictional story of a family living in occupied London, in a city where a wall divides East and West - much like the real West Bank barrier. By using dramatised elements and actors to bring the wall to London, we hope to move the viewer to ask - what if it happened in my city?

      The film is being produced by Unusuality Productions, a small production company based in London. The film's director, and founder of Unusuality Productions, is Tariq Nasir. Born to an American mother and Palestinian father in New York, Tariq lived briefly in Palestine as a child, before fleeing to Jordan with his family as refugees, during the 1967 war. Spending time since then living in the U.S. and now London, Tariq has been working his whole life to bridge cultural gaps, promote understanding between peoples, and using the medium of film to achieve this, as well as undertaking training in conflict resolution and running Jewish-Palestinian dialogue groups. This is the purpose of 'Palestine Lost' - not to judge or cast blame, but to promote peaceful understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian issue by asking the viewer to simply imagine - what if that happened to me?

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