• 2012 2 minutes

      A drama filmed in East London

      Music journalist Andrew Deeley lives in a high-rise tower block, cut off from
      the world, psychologically scarred after a vicious street attack. He spends his
      evenings spying on his neighbours, becoming infatuated with one in particular Kem, a beautiful young Chinese woman on the fourteenth floor.
      When Amy, a married woman he meets online, witnesses Kem’s kidnapping,
      Deeley tries and fails to get the police involved, leaving him with no choice
      but to try and find her himself.
      Armed with only an Oyster card and a hammer, Deeley journeys across
      London, fighting his own anxieties as he searches for Kem, witnessing first hand the dark plight of migrant workers in the capital’s ghost economy as he spirals into the heart of the Chinese underworld, ultimately finding his own life
      in danger.

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