Perfect Reflection

2019, 10 minutes

A film looking at the difficulties of body perfection

Sophie is a 20-something girl that is struggling with her own body image. She loves her mother, Alison, but feels pressured when she is with her as her mother is so proud of her daughter it can be a little overbearing. There is a big family wedding coming up and Alison is struggling to get Sophie to try on a dress she has picked out for her to wear to the wedding, but Alison can't see that Sophie is uncomfortable in her own skin. Sophie begins obsessing over looking good for the wedding and without realising she begins spiralling into a cycle of starving herself, throwing up after meals in secret, binge eating, constantly check the scales. She starts picturing surgical lines drawn on herself of her problem areas and where she needs to loose weight. She then even begins to see them drawn on her own family and friends. All of this her mother has no idea about and even comments on how good Sophie's looking recently, so Sophie see's what she is doing as a positive thing because it's clearly working. On the day of the wedding the family are rushing to get ready as they are running late, and Sophie gets into the dress. They manage to get up to the church doors but right before they enter Sophie falls. Alison is looking over her daughter panicked with no idea whats happening while Sophie falls in and out of consciousness. After a visit to the hospital Alison finds out her daughter has an eating disorder, bulimia, and a mental illness, body dysmorphia.

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