Petroleum Spirit

  • 2015 90 minutes

    A surreal coming-of-age road movie about escaping your bubble and learning what it takes to be a man.

    PETROLEUM SPIRIT is a head-on collision between fantasy and reality told from the twisted world view of Errol – a sexually repressed teenager born in the wreckage of a Lada crash. Raised in isolation by his fearful Mother at a remote petrol station, Errol yearns to explore the real world.

    When his Mother dies in an accident, Errol learns that the Father he thought dead is alive and sets off in the Lada to find him, leaving an unintended trail of destruction across the desolate backroads of Britain.

    When he finally does reach him, Errol’s violent-tempered Father tries recruiting him to a criminal underworld, forcing Errol to choose what kind of man he wants to be.

    This thrilling odyssey burns a highly flammable cocktail of love, hate, sex and death until our moral compass is spinning and we can only hope that Errol finds salvation.

    Companies involved in this production

    • Mirror Productions

Connected Mandy Cast Members

Alternative Names

  • Petrolium Spirit
  • Petrolieum Spirit