Place and Time

2014, 90 minutes

Imporvised meeting.

MWS Films are producing a a highly ambitious feature project this May. Director Ben Myers is creating a fully improvised, real time feature length film featuring two actors. The actors were selected from an innovative, unique audition process which attracted enormous interest and a huge number of submissions. Both actors have been chosen for their naturalism and improv ability. Filmed outdoors over 90 minutes (approximately), the film will feature two characters who have been fully developed in isolation from one another (the actors haven't met and know nothing about each other's character) this project is about stripping filmmaking back to very basic component parts, is entirely about character and dialogue, and presents a significant technical and aesthetic challenge. It is however, intended to be entertaining and the plan is to premiere it with a significant PR push and enter it into the festival circuit., where MWS Films have a strong track record of winning awards.

Connected mandy members:

Ben Worth
Alex Dewhirst
Camera Operator
Director of Photography