2011, 130 minutes

Out of control youngsters are sent to a radical

Re-evolution states that young people are dangerously out of control. Gratuitous violence, devastating vandalism and anti-social behaviour plague our streets, schools and homes. Parents, teachers and the public are becoming intolerably scared of the junior generation and are turning to radical and hasty resolves to quell their fears. ‘Re-Evolution’ exposes a surreal, dark and disturbing twist on a truth that may be closer than we think; on a world in which the powers that be prescribe a cure for the youth of today. In stark reaction to the brutal behaviour of rival gangs, parents finally take action as concerns of their children’s welfare reach unbearable extremes. They are unwillingly sent to a revolutionary school designed to rehabilitate a youth once considered beyond hope. But as the signatory characteristics of these unruly kids become mysteriously mellowed, a group of students begin to question the methods of this ‘re-evolutionary’ institution. Re-evolution was shot in the summer of 2008. It's due for Premiere release in late 2009

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Sam Nicholl
Mark Hayden
Ste Webster
Director of Photography
Director of Photography
Simon Whybourne
Camera Operator
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Hannah North
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Marc Ralph
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James Langley
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