Red 2

2013, 116 minutes

Action Comedy

Retired C.I.A. agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Linda Roberts
Unit Nurse
Construction Medic
Chopper Pilot
US Soldier
Jack Philips
US Marine
Insane Inmate
Insane Inmate
Russian Officer
James Cleave
Floor Runner: 2nd Unit
stand-in: Catherine Zeta-Jones
iranian stunt
Ryan Heggs
Location Assistant
locations marshal/runner
Zahid Fayyaz
Guard (Stunt)
Jason Atkins
Location security guard
Dean Clements
Set Dresser
props dresser
Iain Wallace
USAF pilot
Cobbs Security Guard
Kevin Westley
AD (1st)
Assistant Director
Tom Turner
AD (3rd)
Head Location Marshall
Lex Donovan
Location Manager
Location's Assistant